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I wanted to share a tale of careful planning, music, and most of all hope. It’s not heart warming or particularly interesting, there’s no gun chases or broken hearts or anything- but, well- you might learn something from it.

So as you know my love for the band Phish has never waned- not true. I…


So in my car today I hear a live version of Stay from DMB on Jam On station on my Sirius. I am thinking to myself that it’s a kinda good version of the song and I am singing along. I see that the song is live from 1998 but what I am really wondering is…is DMB really a Jam Band? If you were to ask me I have to say NO way! There is nothing Jam about them!

Taking a step backwards I will openly admit that I was a huge fan of DMB back in high school 92’ and some of college but there was a distinct time where they broke away from their originality and became a total mainstream sell out band. For me the realization came in 1999. It is now 2010 and I hear them on Jam On and I just keep thinking to myself-are there really people who still listen to this band? I believe there are because I just saw tickets going on sale for show they are putting on at MSG. I wonder now more then ever who their fan base is and when was the last time they put out some actually good music?